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Oasis BB Cream Blending Brush



The Oasis BB Blending Brush creates a smooth, even and flawless finish when applying your Oasis BB Cream. It makes applying your BB Cream super quick and easy too, saving you time but making sure you get a great finish! Made specifically for and by Oasis Beauty we've made sure it can stand up! Who want's one that will fall over? Oh and it's vegan friendly too!  

Want to know how to use it?  

Dip the BB Brush into a small amount of Oasis BB Cream. Start in the centre of your face, use gentle swirling motions to apply your BB Cream evenly.

Don’t forget your inner eye area, gently blend onto your ears and into your hairline. We also recommend blending the BB Cream onto your neck.

Looking for a great way to clean off that BB cream at the end of the day? Check out our cleansers

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